Microsoft Wants Windows Mobile Smartphones For Under $100

Microsoft Wants Windows Mobile Smartphones For Under $100


Everyone is talking about the iPhone. We’ve got iPhone hacks spewing in every which direction and iPhone accessories creeping out of the woodwork. Amidst all this ongoing iPhone buzz, Microsoft doesn’t want you to forget who is the world’s largest software maker. In fact, Bill Gates’ company is reportedly working on a series of Windows Mobile smartphones that will sell for less than $100. And these phones will go on sale “next month.”

AT&T, the same company that has exclusive rights to the iPhone in the United States, is currently offering the budget-minded 3125 WinMo phone for just $49.99 and Microsoft hopes to provide them with another like-minded handset next month. Whether it’ll be a QWERTY slider like the 8525 or a candybar like the Motorola Q remains to be seen.

By pricing their smartphones a little lower, Microsoft hopes to capture a market beyond corporate customers. The cheap Asus smartphones might be a good start.