Reviewing the Highest Capacity SDHC You Can Buy

Reviewing the Highest Capacity SDHC You Can Buy


I’m reasonably happy with the ATP 4GB SDHC memory card that I use with my digital camera, but it’s got nothing on the 16GB A-DATA SDHC memory card. That’s right, a whopping 16 gigabytes in a package that’s about the same size as a postage stamp.

Shane McGlaun of I4U had a chance to take the storage-packed memory card out for a test run and he found that in addition to the highest capacity you can find in a commercially-available SDHC card, the A-DATA card “also has the fastest read and write speeds of any SDHC card that I have tested to date.”

Running the card through HD Tach, he found that the A-DATA SDHC Class 6 memory card blasted out an average read time of 18.1MB/sec and and average write time of 13.9MB/sec. Because it’s a class 6, they guarantee that this card will sustain a data transfer rate of at least 6MB/sec.