Protect Your iPhone With an ICEWEAR Silicon Sleeve

Protect Your iPhone With an ICEWEAR Silicon Sleeve


I could make some lame innuendo about a silicone covering to help protect your precious package from damage, but I’m not going to bring myself down to that level. Instead, I’m just going to say that the ICEWEAR for iPhone is basically a silicone condom that you slip around your Apple iPhone, making it grippier and easier to handle.

According to the official product page on Tunewear, the ICEWEAR for iPhone “utilizes our patented rib technology for a strong grip” and it is “made of the same high-density silicone used in diving masks.” By giving you a better grip, you’re less likely to have an “accident”, cracking that delicate glass screen.

That said, the multi-touch display is completely “unobscured”, but they include TUNEFILM — a clear protective film — to cover the display for free. And port at the bottom of the iPhone is still accessible as well, so you can plunk ‘er into the docking station without having to remove the silicone case first. The ICEWEAR for iPhone retails for $29.95.