2008 Honda Fit Gets Mugen-ified in Looks Only

2008 Honda Fit Gets Mugen-ified in Looks Only


We love the 2007 Honda Fit Sport, so obviously we were pretty excited to see the revealing of the 2009 Honda Fit. Well, it turns out that the second-generation Fit is making a 2008 debut, rather than a 2009 debut. What’s more, the 2008 Honda Fit has already received a series of upgrades from the modifiers at Mugen, revealing to us the 2008 Mugen Fit.

Known as the Jazz in some markets, the 2008 Honda Fit got the Mugen treatment a mere four days after its official unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show. Naturally, the pictures provided are little more than renderings, because there’s no way that Mugen could have produced, installed, and painted the new aerodynamics in such a short time period.

What you see here is the RS body kit, the more aggressive of the two body kits announced by Mugen. The L/G Aero kit will be less aggressive, but both “will include new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a roof spoiler and chrome exhaust tip.” Other upgrades to be made available include a stiffer suspension and a sports exhaust, but there’s no mention of any engine mods.