Type and Surf Using Head Motions Only

Type and Surf Using Head Motions Only


If you are physically impaired or getting up there in years, the intricate movements requirement to type on a keyboard can be incredibly challenging. This innovative touchless keyboard from Actbrise aims to alleviate these challenges, because all you need to do is gesture with your head.

By shifting your head in different directions, you enter text via the touchless keyboard and it also through these movements that you can move the mouse pointer as well, switching between documents and navigating through the world wide web. I’m not 100% positive how the system works, but it certainly seems interesting. You might end up with a big of a headache, I’d imagine, after bobbing around for an extended session though.

You’ve got to wonder if this is simply a glorified version of the EyeToy for the PS2. Then again, at over $2500, you’d hope that ActBrise would use some more advanced technology than that.