ScooterDesk Lets You Use Your Laptop Anywhere

ScooterDesk Lets You Use Your Laptop Anywhere


Can’t find a table? Not a chair in sight? No problem, because the ScooterDesk is a collapsible cart that you can take anywhere, effectively setting up a laptop desk in the most unlikely of locations. Sure, you may look like a total goof sitting on what looks like an adult-sized tricycle sans pedals, but it also means that you won’t have to sit on the sidewalk with your laptop burning a hole through your jeans either.

Created by Utilia Design, the ScooterDesk is decidedly utilitarian, despite is somewhat toy-like appearance, replete with silver and orange color motif. Even if you’re not going to use it with your laptop, the ScooterDesk is supposed to be great for “occasional short tasks such as filling out forms.” See, it’s perfect for the DMV or passport office!

To make matters even stranger, Utilia Design also mentions a dual version that provides seating for 2 people. No picture of the double unit was provided.