Prius + Prius = 6-Seat Prius Limo?

Prius + Prius = 6-Seat Prius Limo?


You know what’s scary? This is not an amateur PhotoShop job. Someone really decided to hack two Toyota Prius hybrids together to form an environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius limo. The result of the hacking and slashing is a pair of extra doors and a pair of extra seats, bringing the total passenger count up to a paltry six. That’s nowhere near the seating capacity of a traditional limousine, but this hybrid-powered Frankencar is probably more fuel efficient.

I’d imagine that handling on this extended commuter car is probably pretty bad, but that can be said about just about any car with such a long wheelbase, particularly ones that are designed to be that way out of the factory. Interestingly, people are saying that the Prius “makes an excellent candidate for a wheelbase extension due to its arched roof, which better spreads force across the vehicle than the flat roofs of traditional Limos.”

Whatever. I think it looks like a freak of nature and defeats the whole purpose of being a “green” commuter.