FCC Slides the 3G Pantech C810 Mustang into Place

FCC Slides the 3G Pantech C810 Mustang into Place


Slider phones are great because they typically provide huge displays without being overly chunky themselves. Over at the FCC, another slider phone has earned the all-important stamp of approval and that phone is the Pantech C810 Mustang. Giddy up!

Looking similar to many Samsung slider phones, the Pantech C810 is a quad-band GSM world phone, but it’s also got dual-band WCDMA radios for nabbing those beautiful 3G high-speed waves. It’s a smartphone too, running on Windows Mobile Standard.

Although we only see the numeric keypad here, there are inklings pointing toward a dual-slide design a la the Helio Ocean (also made by Pantech). Unfortunately, there’s no pic of the QWERTY… and that’s assuming there is one. Rounding out the specs is the 1.3 megapixel camera.

Is the Pantech C810 Mustang going to ride off into the sunset and into the arms of AT&T? Maybe.