Bissol 4GB Flash Drive is Lightweight Luxury

Bissol 4GB Flash Drive is Lightweight Luxury


Typically, when we hear about luxury electronics, they’re the kind of thing that would get dressed up in diamonds or Swarovski crystals. The extra weight would naturally be accompanied by extra girth on the price tag as well. While the Bissol 4GB flash drive is pricier than its plebeian counterparts, it’s also quite a bit lighter too.

Barely nudging the needle on the scales, the ReadyBoost-compatible USB flash drive weighs in at a paltry 0.1 ounces. It’s so light that you’ll probably forget its even there. Your checkbook may feel a bit of a dent, though, seeing how this 4-gigger will cost you a cool $260.

But hey, at least you get to choose between original brass or a nickel-plated finish. That’s right, it’s not even gold. Where’s the elaborate luxury?