Want a Sneak Peek at the Windows 7 Kernel?

Want a Sneak Peek at the Windows 7 Kernel?


We want more out of our mobile computers these days, but we want it all to run silky smooth like it does on a full-sized desktop computer. Well, it turns out that Microsoft is working on a tiny Windows 7 kernel that will work with mobile devices, offering just a 25MB footprint and needing only 40MB of memory to run.

The internal build of this basic Windows kernel is known as “MinWin” and will likely be designed to work with compact mobile devices. Because of its low disk space and memory requirements, Windows 7 could be an excellent option for low-powered solutions. To keep its needs to a minimum, MinWin has a “simple and effective user interface.”

To check out the MinWin Windows 7 kernel in action, check out this video.