Talk is Cheap with the Samsung U410 from Telus

Talk is Cheap with the Samsung U410 from Telus


Not everyone wants a multi-megapixel camera. Not everone wants a large touchscreen display. Not everyone needs push email, a full web browser, and a suite of productivity software. Some people just want to talk on their phones and they want to do it cheaply. For people like that, Telus is offering the Samsung U410.

If you’re the type that shops based on a feature set, you should probably look elsewhere. The same can probably be said about people who want an original and trendy-looking phone, because the Samsung U410 doesn’t exactly satisfy on that front either. It’s a rather plain Jane clamshell appearance to it, perfectly matching its plain Jane VGA camera. Interestingly, it does support stereo Bluetooth and Windows Live Messenger.

More likely than not, it’s the price that will “sell” this phone to potential customers and I use the word “sell” loosely. That’s because when you lock down to a new three-year contract with Telus, they’ll give you the Samsung U410 for free. Without a contract, it’s $199.