Phonefingers Condom Prevents iPhone Fingerprints and Smudges (Video)

Phonefingers Condom Prevents iPhone Fingerprints and Smudges (Video)


Like, really? Some company has decided to launch a series of rubber coverings for your fingers, preventing you from smudging up the glorious touchscreen display on your Apple iPhone. They call them Phone Fingers and they’re basically condoms that you strap onto your digits.

Yes, your iPhone will still presumably work under this, ahem, protection. The advantage is that your greasy fingers never actually make contact with the screen and thus you will not have to suffer through a nasty smudged up display. Realistically, though, would you want to be caught dead (or alive) with these stupid things on your fingers?

If you’re okay with the concept, you may be better off going to the dollar store and grabbing a 25 pack of balloons for a buck. If you really must have Phone Fingers, though, a 25 pack will run you 9,90 Euros ($14). They come in sizes ranging from small to extra large.