Diesel-Powered Audi Vehicles Coming to the States in ’08

Diesel-Powered Audi Vehicles Coming to the States in ’08


In the United States and Canada, you don’t see too many diesel cars on the road. As a result, you don’t see nearly as many gas stations that offer diesel fuel compared to the ones that don’t. That may soon change, though. Mercedes is pushing their BLUETEC technology and Audi wants a piece of the clean diesel pie too, because the latter German carmaker has announced that it’s bringing clean diesel to the US in 2008.

Coinciding with its debut in the Europe, the Audi 3.0L clean diesel engine will make a splash State-side under the hood of the Q7 SUV. Shortly afterwards, Audi plans on plunking the diesel-sipping powerplant in the all-new A4 sedan. No specific timeframe was mentioned, but we’re guess-timating a late 2008 debut.

While the 3.0L TDI V6 outputs an adequate 240 horsepower, it’s the 406 lbs-ft of torque that’ll grab your attention. It’s also quite notable that this diesel powerplant is “35% more efficient than a comparable gasoline engine and can get up to 40 mpg highway.” And yes, it’s clean enough to clear all 50 states, including California.