Airbag Jacket Proven Effective for Motorcyclists

Airbag Jacket Proven Effective for Motorcyclists


Yes, this is just a single case study, but it does seem to indicate that the $500 airbag jackets for motorcycle riders are well worth the price. It saved the life of a Baltimore man when he was thrown 100 feet from his bike. Instead of being smushed onto the pavement beyond repair, this man got up for the life-threatening accident “with sore ribs and a broken thumb.”

These airbag jackets — known as Impact Jackets — have been on the market for several years, but many people scoffed at how effective they can really be. When paramedics arrived on the scene of the Baltimore man’s crash, they were “surprised more damage wasn’t done.”

To see how Impact Jackets work in the case of an accident, head on over to their site and check out the demo video.