Slim Cell Phone With Built-In Projector

Slim Cell Phone With Built-In Projector


One of the most common complaints about cell phones is the size of their screens. We hate having to squint just to see who we’re calling or what game we’re playing. Stefano Casanova — yes, that’s his real last name — has designed a rather attractive Windows-based mobile phone that projects your desktop onto any flat surface, effectively making your “screen” a heck of a lot bigger.

When in its regular candybar configuration, the phone works like any other candybar. The top display, however, can rotate upwards to create a near clamshell form factor, but it’s when you rotate the screen all the way over that you unleash its unique feature: the microlight projector integrated into the LCD. Flip the screen down to automatically activate this feature.

Seems like an interesting idea that just might work, but I’d imagine you wouldn’t want to share all your personal information with the people around you, especially if you’re displaying the phone number to the girl you’re cheating with. Not that we condone adultery or anything.