Corsair Padlock Secure Flash Drive Locks Itself

Corsair Padlock Secure Flash Drive Locks Itself


Jeff Roshenko from Futurelooks had a chance to take the Corsair Padlock USB 2.0 Memory Drive out for a spin and while he likes the idea of the PIN password, the drive ultimately fails to deliver on other, perhaps more important fronts.

On the face of the flash drive is a series of buttons, corresponding to the digits 0 through to 9. Using these five buttons — 2 digits correspond to each button — you can set a PIN ranging from one digit to ten digits in length. If you go for the full ten digits, there are nearly 10 million possible codes.

Pitfalls to this drive include its bulky size, cheap-feeling case, and poor write speed. Because of its extra girth, it is also difficult to use the Corsair Padlock Secure alongside other USB peripherals. With a score of 6.0/10, this flash drive doesn’t exactly come recommended.