Apple iPhone Launches in France Completely Unlocked

Apple iPhone Launches in France Completely Unlocked


How’s this for irony? Everyone’s been working so hard to unlock their AT&T-locked iPhones around these parts, but the Apple iPhone being sold in France — via Orange — is actually unlocked straight from the factory. No need to deal with any sort of messy software or confusing guides, because you can waltz into an Orange store in Paris, grab an iPhone, and plunk whatever SIM card you’d like in there.

This is because French law “prohibits the exclusive sale of phones locked to a provider.” As such, Orange is offering two versions of the popular touchscreen mobile phone to its customers. The first is the one you’d expect (a locked version that you get for a discount with contract), whereas the second one is SIM unlocked and ready to go.

The kicker is that while the locked version goes for 399 Euros, no price has been revealed for its unlocked cousin. I wonder how much of a premium Orange is going to tack on there to “encourage” sales of the locked iPhone.