Apple Gets Robbed of $80,000 By Greedy Employees

Apple Gets Robbed of $80,000 By Greedy Employees


I guess getting a free iPhone wasn’t enough for 800 Apple Store retail employees, because they managed to effectively steal $80,000 from the Cupertino-based firm too.

You see, early adopters of the iPhone were offered a $100 Apple store credit to spend on whatever they’d like, based on the assumption that they may want to dress up their iPhone with a snazzy new case or a new set of earbuds. This rebate was not to be used by employees, but that didn’t stop 800 retail guys from using it anyways.

In this way, the retail associates each got a free iPhone — as promised by Steve Jobs — but they also gave themselves the $100 store credit. 800 guys at $100 each works out to $80,000 in funny money. They’ve all been caught and fired.