Apple Encourages Third-Party iPhone Apps with Official SDK

Apple Encourages Third-Party iPhone Apps with Official SDK


Steve Jobs and the rest of the crew in Cupertino have done an about face with their view on third party applications for the Apple iPhone. Instead of telling us that independently developed software that has gone unchecked and unverified can fill your iPhone will sorts of viruses, Trojans, and malware, they are now telling us that it will soon be a-okay to load up the touchscreen-based mobile with all sorts of fun applications.

Apple is planning to release an official SDK (software development kit) for the iPhone, making it easier for independents to crank out games and apps for the device. Hackers and modders have been working on all sorts of 3rd party apps already, but it’s nice to see an official SDK from Apple. Better still, the development kit is also good for the iPod Touch.

The downside is that the SDK isn’t quite ready for the public yet. We’ll have to wait until about Febrary for Apple to release the iPhone SDK unto the world.