Sprint Vision Learns to SEE with Exclusive Content

Sprint Vision Learns to SEE with Exclusive Content


Mobile television is very much a reality in North America and Sprint is expanding their Sprint Vision with the launch of SEE, or Sprint Exclusive Entertainment. What’s different here is that Sprint is not necessarily offering content from major networks like NBC and CBS; they’ve already been doing that as have the guys at Verizon V CAST. Instead, this is the first carrier-sponsored television channel in the United States.

Sprint hopes to capture pretty much every segment of the market with their exclusive mix of live and on-demand programming. You’ll get your sports fix from Marshall Faulk and Trev Alberts, as well as a variety of exclusive music content, entertainment news, and current events.

Sprint Exclusive Entertainment (SEE) was announced, but they failed to mention anything in terms of pricing. They also failed to mention anything about dates, but the Boy Genius is “guessing that it will be rolled into Sprint TV’s current services sometime in the near future.”