Five Reasons Why Symbian S60 Touch Pwns iPhone (Video)

Five Reasons Why Symbian S60 Touch Pwns iPhone (Video)


As you may have heard, Nokia revealed a version of the S60 user interface today that includes a touch-based interface, squarely taking on the same market as Windows Mobile PocketPC phones and, perhaps more notably, the Apple iPhone. The demonstration video, which you can view below, tells you how great it will be to get your fingerprints all over the cell phone screen.

There’s an unknown device depicted in the video that bears an eerie resemblance to what a Nokia iPhone would look like, but it’s obviously running on this new S60 Touch UI rather than Mac OS or WinMo.

In any case, New Launches has come up with the top five reasons why this operating system and user interface will beat the iPhone and they are thus:

5. Support for a variety of input methods (with and without keyboard)
4. Tactile feedback
3. Flash Video integrated into web browser
2. Licensed to multiple companies (Samsung, etc.)
1. Already tons of support for the S60 interface