Volkswagen Working on sub-$11,000 RWD Vehicles for 2010

Volkswagen Working on sub-$11,000 RWD Vehicles for 2010


Although Volkswagen is the most recalled automaker of 2007, the German manufacturer is still pressing ahead to grab as much market share as possible. The latest development over at VW is the possible creation of a “Small Family” lineup of RWD vehicles. The kicker is that prices will start at under 8,000 Euros. That works out to about $11,000!

The minicars will probably hit up the assembly line some time in 2010. The plan is to manufacture the tiny rear-wheel-drive vehicles at the Skoda plant in the Czech Republic. About 100,000 of these cars will sport Volkswagen badging and get shipped to various areas in Europe. An extra 100,000 will be made with Skoda and Seat logos.

Measuring about 3500mm long, the more compact than compact three-door will sell for less than 8,000 Euros, whereas its five-door cousin (which is 80mm longer) will start at 9,450 Euros.