Samsung SCH-W380 Slim Swivel Phone with HSDPA

Samsung SCH-W380 Slim Swivel Phone with HSDPA


Samsung is all over the world of skinny, but I’ve typically only been interested in their slider phones. The Samsung SCH-W380 is a little different in that it may look like a clamshell, but the top display can actually rotate.

Boasting a speedy HSDPA wireless radio, the Samsung SCH-W380 is being marketed as a “flip-flop phone”. By allowing you to rotate QVGA TFT display, Samsung is making it easier for you to take pictures from interesting angles using the on-board 5 megapixel camera. There’s also a VGA camera for video calls. Naturally, it does the whole music and video thing too.

No word on price, but the Samsung SCH-W380 “flip-flop phone” is currently slated as a Korea-only release. Look for it early next month.