Broadcom Wants to Make Phones Even Smaller

Broadcom Wants to Make Phones Even Smaller


In order for small phones to get even smaller without losing any of their functionality, device makers need to look at shrinking the key components to their handsets. And Broadcom is lending quite the big (no pun intended) helping hand. Broadcom has announced that they have created a cell phone chipset that combines four radios onto a single die, making said cell phone more efficient and ultimately smaller.

The four radios are the extra speedy connection provided through HSPA (which includes EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, and HSUPA), Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, FM receiver, and FM transmitter. These last two are a bit of a cop off, but receiving and transmitting an FM signal two different things.

The chipset also includes a “fast processor” that will handle your cutting-edge multimedia needs like the necessary 5 megapixel camera and TV-out at 30fps.