Another Roadblock Preventing the iPhone Launch in Canada

Another Roadblock Preventing the iPhone Launch in Canada


Man! I thought we were over this! When Apple officially launched the iPhone (it so feels like an eternity ago), they ran into a snag with Cisco systems over the name of the touchtastic cell phone. Cisco sued Apple, but eventually the two companies came to the agreement that they could share the iPhone name.

We thought all was good in the world of iPhone. And it was, until rumors starting floating around the iPhone was going to come to Canada. Now, Comwave Telecom Inc. of Toronto is saying that they hold the Canadian trademark rights to the “iPhone” name and thus, Apple cannot bring their cell phone to the Great White North.

Much like Cisco, Comwave also has a collection of VoIP-related services and products using the iPhone name. I’d imagine that this dispute is just a cry for attention (and money), so the real issue preventing the Canadian iPhone launch is still the high price of wireless data.