13-Year-Old Provides GUI Jailbreak for iPod Touch

13-Year-Old Provides GUI Jailbreak for iPod Touch


Anxious to run third-party applications on your iPod Touch, but don’t want to mess with a complicated jailbreak process? 13-year-old AriX has come to rescue, creating a one touch unlock with a slick little GUI, effectively freeing you from Apple’s shackles.

Of course, the iPod Touch has been jailbreaked (jailbroken?) already, but the procedure hasn’t been completely user friendly. Now that there is one touch solution with a graphical interface, nearly anyone can jailbreak their iPod Touch on their own.

We fully expect Cupertino to release some sort of firmware update as they did with the iPhone, so we’ll see how it goes with iJailbreak for the time being. iJailbreak has been tested with the latest firmware as of today and everything seems peachy-keen.