See-through Touchscreen Interface Prevents Occlusion (Video)

See-through Touchscreen Interface Prevents Occlusion (Video)


One of the problems with conventional touchscreen displays is that your fat fingers block part of the image, resulting in inaccurate touches. The LucidTouch concept rectifies that problem that placing your fingers *behind* the touchscreen. What results is the experience of a transparent touchscreen, because your fingers appear on the screen as shadows.

Touch the back of the device and it activates just the same as if you touched the front. In order to provide pinpoint accuracy, at the tip of each finger is a small red dot. Think of this as your mouse pointer. When you tap the back of the UMPC-like device, the dot turns blue. If you check the video below, you can also check out the multi-touch applications that they’ve created a la the iPhone.

Unfortunately, the current demo unit makes use of a webcam held out on a boom through the back of the device. In the future, the developers hope to use more suitable technology.