Bold Bratz Lipstick Really Sings To You

Bold Bratz Lipstick Really Sings To You


Convergence is an interesting concept. We’ve seen the integration of many kinds of technology in the most unlikely of places. It’s not uncommon to find a LCD TV inside a refrigerator or a camera inside a calculator. This latest pairing, however, is decidedly odd.

Here is an MP3 player shoved into some BRATZ-branded lipstick. Yup, you can smack your lips and then jam away to “Gimme More” by Britney Spears. The core features — of the MP3 player part, not the lipstick — are pretty lame with a backlit LCD display, 512MB of memory, and a voice recorder.

What I find even more disconcerting is that lipstick is inherently a product that you use and throw away. What happens when the lipstick runs out? You just get a fancy stick of an MP3 player, losing that dual functionality that you enjoyed in the first place.