Download DS Demos Directly From Your Wii

Download DS Demos Directly From Your Wii


If you’ve ever hit up an EB Games or Gamestop location, you’ve probably come across a DS Download Station where you can wirelessly download demos of certain Nintendo DS video games. I know that it was through a Download Station that I got my first taste of Meteos.

The trouble with this setup was that you actually had to leave your house, trek to the mall, and stand like a goof in the middle of the store as your download completed. Worse still, as soon as you turned off your portable gamer, the demo was gone. Nintendo wants to make things easier for you, because we hear that the idea behind the DS Download Station will soon be coming to your Wii.

Just connect to the web using WiiConnect24 and download whatever demos you’d like from the available marketplace, sending them over to your DS at your leisure. I’d imagine that the file sizes will be pretty small, so the 512MB of internal memory on the Wii should be sufficient.

wow, first a free stylus and now free game demos. Ninty, I *heart* you very muchie.