BMW Set to Give British Marque a Triumph-ant Return

BMW Set to Give British Marque a Triumph-ant Return


In 1994, BMW made a fairly substantial purchase, nabbing the rights to the entire Rover group. The group consisted of a number of English carmakers and brands, including such notables as Land Rover and Mini. The latter has been a huge success for the company — I can’t go a couple of blocks without seeing a Cooper — but the former hasn’t exactly gone over quite so well.

In any case, BMW seems to be ready to revitalize a nearly forgotten British automobile company by the name of Triumph, a brand once known for creating some hot sports cars. The styling on Triumph cars has always been very good, so if they tossed in some world class BMW engineering, we could be in for a real hit. Shared parts would keep costs down and “an additional marque could add volume to BMW.”

What you see here is just one concept rendering of what a BMW-manufactured Triumph automobile could look like. I’d say that it could sell like hotcakes.