Samsung Blackjack 2 (SGH-i617) Looks Same As Original

Samsung Blackjack 2 (SGH-i617) Looks Same As Original


I suppose it is both a blessing and a curse that the follow-up to the hugely successful Samsung Blackjack looks pretty much the same as the first handheld. The new Samsung Blackjack SGH-i617 boasts the same slim frame as the SGH-i600 which preceded it. Looking at the features, it looks like very little has changed in that department as well.

You still get a full QWERTY keyboard, similar to the Motorola Q, as well as Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, and a full suite of Microsoft Windows Mobile software. Based on this initial look, the new Blackjack may be running on WinMo 6 and it’s probably headed to AT&T to sit alongside the iPhone.

Rounding out the spec sheet are a 2.0 megapixel camera, memory card expansion, and your choice of black or red color motifs.