Nokia Makes WiFi Connections on Smartphones Easier

Nokia Makes WiFi Connections on Smartphones Easier


I like having WiFi on my smartphone, because it allows me to check my email and surf the web without having to worry about data charges. The problem is that the connection process can sometimes be quite cumbersome. Nokia has teamed up with Devicescape to address this issue, integrating software in their E and N series phones that will “log in automatically to Wi-Fi hotspots.”

Up until now, the connection to a hotspot has been somewhat of a manual process. You’d have to go into the wireless manager, get it to seek out a connection and then wait for the pairing to complete. With this new software, the entire process is automated, requiring little to no input on your part. This is because your username and password has already been stored on Devicescape’s site.

In the future, Devicescape hopes to include this software in other devices — like WiFi MP3 players — that may lack a keyboard altogether, making it impossible to enter said passwords.