Nissan Round Box Open-Air Concept Vehicle

Nissan Round Box Open-Air Concept Vehicle


Is it just me or does the Nissan Round Box concept vehicle remind you of the Smart Roadster? The body shape is a little different, but there’s something about the nose and the retractable (removable) roof that makes me think of the Smart Roadster when I see this concept.

The Nissan Round Box concept car, also known as the R.D/B.X for some reason, is meant to be a “youth-oriented compact convertible [that] provides occupants with sensation of speed and exhilaration.” If it’s youth-oriented, that means that it’s got to be affordable, right?

I enjoy the muscular lines and the flared fenders, but if you’re wondering about that little hole in the door, it’s neither an air vent nor an air intake. Nissan is calling it a “road surface window”, providing passengers “with a view of the rapidly passing road surface.” Weird.