MINI SAV Transforms Cooper Into FJ Cruiser

MINI SAV Transforms Cooper Into FJ Cruiser


It looks like Mini is serious about expanding their brand. We’ve already seen the larger Cooper Clubman and now here’s an image of a Mini-branded sport activity vehicle or SAV. While they probably intended the styling to mimic a standard Mini Cooper beefed up and hopped up, the net result is arguably closer to a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Yes, I know that it still has the typical Mini front end, round side mirrors, and white roof, but the similarities with Toyota’s sporty utility are undeniable. In terms of prospects, the Mini SAV — codenamed Colorado — will compete in the same market as the BMW X3 and feature an AWD system calibrated for traction rather than performance.

Is this the ultimate soccer mom vehicle? If the planets align, we’ll find out in 2010 when Mini reportedly plans to roll out this sport activity vehicle. The target is to sell 80,000 each year.