LG Manufactures Luxury Phone with Rolex

LG Manufactures Luxury Phone with Rolex


There are techies like me that will be sold based on the feature list. I look at the megapixel count, the amount of on-board memory, the processor speed, and things like that when I decide which phone I’m going to purchase. Looks are important, sure, but they are secondary to features. Other people may disagree, particularly those at LG.

We’ve already seen the launch of the LG Prada Phone, but now the Korean electronics maker has turned to Rolex to make an ultra prestige phone. No picture has been released — forbidden within LG’s mobile demonstration room — but TechDigest.tv is reporting that they spotted a “model that’s basically a phone with a Rolex watch-face embedded in the casing.”

If this is a candybar, I’d imagine the watch face would take up too much room, so it’s got to be a clamshell. At least, that’s what I can gather from the limited information. The report goes on to mention a “luxurious leathery exterior” and a look that was “reassuringly expensive.”