The Educationally-Inclined Sharp SP700 PMP

The Educationally-Inclined Sharp SP700 PMP


It’s not all fun and games, don’t you know? Some of these awesome gadgets that get bandied around in Korea are actually meant to teach you something and today’s announcement is of one such device. The Sharp SP700 is a portable media player that has been designed for play educational content. They say that this device can “download a variety of online lectures with no charge.”

You could enjoy some Korean dramas or perhaps your favorite movie, but the provided press photo is of a teacher in front of a chalkboard. Exciting stuff, I know. The Sharp SP700 rocks a 4.3-inch widescreen display and it can handle all sorts of audio and video files. The built-in T-DMB receiver will grab more content for you too.

Rounding out the features are a 10-language dictionary, voice recorder, e-book reader, CSD reader, SD expansion slot, and “multitasking function.” Price has been set at about $522.