More Audi Cars Sold in China than United States

More Audi Cars Sold in China than United States


When most people talk about China these days, it typically has something to do with lead-based paint. While it is true that China has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of random trinkets — electronics, toys, etc. — the nation is also becoming one of the world’s largest consumers.

Case in point, some numbers have just come in from Audi and it turns out that the German automaker sells more cars in China than they do in the United States. For the period covering January to September of this year, there were 76,168 Audi cars sold in China compared to 68,479 sold in the US. This is a net difference of 7,689 cars.

Sure, China has a much larger population than the United States, but you also have to realize that most of these people can’t afford cars, let alone luxury cars like an Audi. Sign of the times and that’s why so many folks are so interested in the Shanghai Auto Show.