I’m So Sporty with Samsung WEP-430 Bluetooth Headset

I’m So Sporty with Samsung WEP-430 Bluetooth Headset


Whether you’re out playing ball or going for a run, there’s a good chance that you still want to stay connected with the world around you. That said, it’s not exactly convenient to have one hand on your phone at all times, so that’s why a Bluetooth headset is an absolute must. Unfortunately, most are designed to work in an office or in the car… not on the hard courts or the track.

Designed specifically for the sweaty athletic types in the audience, the Samsung WEP-430 Bluetooth headset wraps around your ear and won’t let go. To provide you with either-ear functionality, there are actually two microphones on this headset, as well as “optimum voice quality” and echo reduction. Other key features include Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, 5 hours of talk time, and 110 hours of standby.

Pricing is not known at this time, but we can tell you that the mostly black headset will come in three color schemes: black and orange, black and silver, and black and gunmetal.