Honda Succeeds CRX with CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Concept

Honda Succeeds CRX with CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Concept


The CRX is a very popular car among tuners because its small footprint and lightweight construction. Perform an engine swap, strip the interior, and upgrade the suspension, and you’ve got yourself a rather formidable track car. A new CRX hasn’t been created in quite some time, but Honda looks to be revitalizing that segment of the market with the Honda CR-Z concept.

Featuring “a balance of entertaining driving dynamics and a hybrid power train that fuses lightweight chuckability with a clear environmental conscience”, the compact coupe certainly boasts an ultra futuristic look with its LED headlights, aggressive yet friendly front fascia, and fastback roofline. They say that this car is supposed to marry “high-tech with high-style.”

And it’s a hybrid to boot. Now we’ve just got to wonder what kind of power this thing is capable of and whether it will cannibalize sales of the Fit and Civic Coupe.