Surf the ‘Net Without Wires on Alaska Airlines

Surf the ‘Net Without Wires on Alaska Airlines


That seems to be the plan, because Alaska Airlines has announced that they are working to bring wireless Internet access onto their planes, ensuring that passengers can entertain themselves with random YouTube videos. The pilot program, no pun intended, will start on a single Boeing 737 based out of Seattle. If this initial test goes well, they will expand the WiFi service to the rest of their fleet.

A company called Row 44, Inc. will be providing the on-board web access for Alaska Airlines. The company, we hear, “has a particularly robust back-end which should prove useful on Alaska’s frequent routes through Alaska by way of the Pacific Ocean.” I’m not exactly sure how this airborne web access is going to work, but it certainly sounds enticing.

Naturally, there’s probably going to be some sort of premium charged for in-flight WiFi access. Based on how much it costs to make an in-flight call, I’d imagine surfing the web won’t be cheap.