iLuv Portable iPod Dock Swallows DVDs Too

iLuv Portable iPod Dock Swallows DVDs Too


Tired of having to choose between either having an iPod video dock or a portable DVD player? This funky convergence device will happily accept either input, displaying your favorite movie on its glorious widescreen display. The screen on the iLuv Portable Video MP3 and DVD Player measures a formidable 8.4-inches across the diagonal so there won’t be any squinty eyes here.

In addition to standard DVD movies, this portable player will happily accept your 30GB, 60GB or 80GB iPod Video. From what I can gather, it probably won’t work with the new iPod Classic nor will it accept the nano or shuffle. Interestingly, when you shield your iPod away in this clamshell device, the display and controls still appear to be accessible. If the 8.4-inch screen isn’t big enough, you can output the content via S-video as well.

Retail price on the iLuv Portable Video player is $275.