Suzuki X-HEAD 4×4 Concept Looks Like a Tonka Truck

Suzuki X-HEAD 4×4 Concept Looks Like a Tonka Truck


It’s like we’re ready to relive our childhoods all over again. Jason Lee is set to star in an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, for crying out loud. Now Suzuki is reaching into our younger years with the development of the Suzuki X-HEAD concept vehicle, a 4×4 that looks a little too much like an adult-sized Tonka truck.

Set to be Tonka-ing around at the Tokyo Auto Show, the Suzuki X-HEAD has a dash that is over 12 feet long, a holding area in the back for your building blocks, and a tough, rugged exterior to survive the most vicious of play dates. And just like your Tonka truck, the Suzuki X-HEAD concept isn’t built for speed. Under the hood is a mere 1372cc engine producing an undisclosed number of horses. You could say it’s My Little Pony.

Another feature on this “plucky pickup” is that the sides of the bed can flip down to reveal more storage compartments. You’ve got to make room for all those toys, after all.