GM Decides to Go Hybrid for 2010 Astra

GM Decides to Go Hybrid for 2010 Astra


Everyone wants a big piece of the hybrid pie these days and General Motors is no exception. The blue square is aiming to creating a new hybrid vehicle that will probably take on the Astra moniker. It will probably be branded as an Opel in Europe, but as a Saturn in the United States.

Production on the next-generation Astra — a relatively entry-level vehicle — is expected to start in Europe sometime in 2010, but it’s unclear whether the hybrid Astra will be sold as a 2010 model or a model for a later year.

According to Saturn spokesman Steve Janisse, “It’s fair to say that hybrids and the Saturn brand make a lot of sense, but we’ll see how this one plays out first before we discuss the future.” Who knows? Maybe they’ll make an electric Astra like how they did the Volt.