Volkwagen Is Automaker With Most Recalls for 2007

Volkwagen Is Automaker With Most Recalls for 2007


Even though the Volkswagen Eos is flying out of dealerships, the German carmaker is suffering some rather major recall woes, specifically with the 2005-2008 Jetta, as well as the 2006-2008 Rabbit, GTI, and R32. The most recent announcement is a recall for 340,000 automobiles sold in the United States.

And this recall isn’t just for a creature comfort either. Apparently, the headlights on several of these cars “don’t comply with federal safety standards.” Whether this means that they aren’t pointed in the right direction, they dim unexpectedly, or whatever is anyone’s guess. Thankfully, no accidents have been linked to the recall.

With this recall of 340,000 cars, Volkswagen has officially become the automaker with most recalls for 2007. Looks like they’ve got an uphill battle if they wish to accomplish their goal of overtaking Toyota as number one carmaker in the world.