Vertu Ascent Ti Descends Into Affordability?

Vertu Ascent Ti Descends Into Affordability?


Typically, when I write here about the latest Vertu cell phone, the discussion typically turns to jewels, crystals, and other expensive encrustings that drive the price through the ceiling. There aren’t any jewels on the Vertu Ascent Ti, unlike many of its more expensive counterparts, bringing the price of exclusive luxury down to a more reasonable level.

Oh, and when I say reasonable, I really mean to say that the phone still costs an incredible $6,628. I guess that’s a bargain compared to the $310,000 Signature Cobra and I personally think the Ascent Ti looks better anyways.

As with all other Vertu cell phones, the Vertu Ascent Ti is manufactured by Nokia. Features include a Titanium chassis (hence the Ti), a cowhide leather back, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal screen, and polished ceramic. The tech side includes 3G, quadband GSM, 3 megapixel camera, and the “standard concierge button.”

The Vertu Ascent Ti is available now.