Samsung D880 Duos: The Duos Means 2 SIM Cards

Samsung D880 Duos: The Duos Means 2 SIM Cards


Want two phone numbers, but just one phone? The Samsung D880 Duos may look like any other slim Samsung slider phone, but this handset boasts dual SIM card slots, hence its Duos moniker.

Destined for “mainstream Europe”, the Samsung D880 Duos allows you to insert two separate SIM cards, effectively letting you switch between different service providers on the fly. If you’re a frequent traveler, this can come in pretty handy. It’s also good for business people, so that they can keep their professional and personal contacts in one tidy package.

When a call comes in, it will tell you which SIM card is being accessed. Outside of the dual SIM-ness, the features on the Samsung D880 Duos include a 3.2 megapixel camera, tri-band GSM/EDGE, a 2.3-inch QVGA display, FM radio, and stereo Bluetooth. There’s no mention of a memory card slot, presumably because the second SIM slot takes up that real estate.

Look for the Samsung D880 Duos in Europe this November with an asking price of $700.