Yo Adrian! iPod Dock Gets the Rocky Treatment

Yo Adrian! iPod Dock Gets the Rocky Treatment


If you want to get stoned, you don’t need to look any further than these rocky docks designed for Apple’s ubiquitous iPod. Instead of opting for a glossy casing or even one encrusted in jewels, the i-Stones iPod docks from Brand Incubator take on an appearance that mimics that of a chunk of rock or some petrified wood.

On the right is the white “wabi” dock, boasting USB 2.0 connectivity as well as an audio out port for blasting those Apple-fueled tunes through a set of external speakers. Kick it up to the “sabi” on the left and you get treated to a video connection as well. The video part probably won’t work with the 6G iPod Classic, however, seeing how other docks don’t work with the new player either.

More information can be found at brand-incubator.com.