Spy Camera Also Loves Arithmetic

Spy Camera Also Loves Arithmetic


I’m all for convergence devices. Look at cell phones, for example, and all the extra functionality those mobile communicators have gained in recent years. This latest development seems to be a pretty big step backwards if it wasn’t for the sleuth factor. You see, the Digital Card Calculator Camera is exactly what it sounds like: a slim calculator that happens to have a cheap camera built into it.

And when I say cheap, I really do mean cheap. The best resolution that it can do is 1280×960 and when you opt for that one megapixel of imaging, the 8k of internal memory will let you stash a mere 32 photos. There is also the possibility of dialing that down to VGA (640×480) to make room for more pictures.

The calculator side of things is solar powered, but we think the camera part has its own 1.5V button battery. And that’s not where the low tech ends. Uploading pictures to your computer is done via USB 1.1.

Want to be a super spy by day and an accountant by night (I may have gotten the order messed up there)? It’ll cost you $70.