Sidekick LX: Hands-On Impressions

Sidekick LX: Hands-On Impressions


While everyone else is just hanging on to their reservation cards, the lucky buggers at Boy Genius have managed to snag a handset for fondling purposes and overall, they sound quite pleased. Sure, the spec sheet for the new Sidekick LX isn’t all that improved over the Sidekick 3 that it is replacing, but the hands-on experience seems to make all the difference.

According to the Boy Genius, the new QWERTY-touting device is “definitely thinner and feels right when your [sic] typing, IMing, or MMSing on it.” The speaker is very loud and clear, whereas the screen is jaw-droppingly crisp. It’s also notable that the back of the Sidekick has some sort of rubberized textured finish in case your hands get all sweaty while chatting with your friends. The OS has been tweaked slightly, but Danger lovers will feel right at home.

The major downside is the lack of radios found within. While it handles quad-band GSM, the Sidekick LX does not have WiFi to take advantage of [email protected] nor does it have 3G for speedier data transfers. A full hands-on gallery can be found here.