Microsoft to Unexpectedly Launch Zune 2 Tomorrow?

Microsoft to Unexpectedly Launch Zune 2 Tomorrow?


If you didn’t see this one coming, you’re not alone. It seems that Microsoft is organizing an impromptu media event tomorrow wherein they will reveal the successor to the current Zune portable media player.

As you recall, we heard last month that the next-generation Zune would be revealed this month, but Microsoft neither confirmed nor denied these rumors. Even if we though the Zune 2 and the more compact Flash Zune (aka Zune Mini) were going to be announced this month, we would have never guessed that it would come so early in the month.

What, if anything, would it take for you to abandon your new iPod Touch in favor of a Microsoft-branded music player? One thing’s for sure: it’s going to take more than what was offered with the first Zune.